Residents Of Denkyira-Obuasi: Keep Calm For Gaf And The Police To Do Their Work – Hon. Kojo Asemnyi

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The Member of Parliament for Gomoa East Hon. Kojo Asemnyi has called on parliament yesterday to urge all innocent residents in Denkyira – Obuasi to cooperate with the investigative authorities to identify the perpetrators of the lynched attack on Captain Maxwell Adams Mahama.


“Timely and accurate investigation, coherent and excellent prosecution and untainted punitive judgment would serve as a major deterrent to future attempts at mob justice” he outlined

According to the Honorable member, the Ghana Air Force (GAF), the police and the various security services should use their best tactics and lawful know-how to bring all perpetrators of the innocent Captain to book for their injustice mob action.


The Honorable member again outlined that, It is worth pausing for parliament to reflect on the performance of our law enforcement agencies; the police and other security agencies, the Attorney General’s Department and our courts.

The level of confidence in the police service in the fight against crime is very low. Their level of commitment to effectively address complaints from citizens leaves a lot to be desired. Hence, Ghanaians feel they must find someone senior to bring pressure to bear on the police to do their assigned job.

“In a place like Denkyira-Obuasi, I’m very sure that, the Central Regional Command has an operational plan there in fighting crime. If yes, they have woefully failed the nation by not protecting this young and vibrant Captain” he lamented.

With much respect to our court in handling criminal cases, Hon. Kojo Asemnyi expressed that, the court normally come under condemnation especially with regard to recent video expose’ by Journalist Anas Aremayaw Anas.

To what extend did the punitive actions against those culpable Judges able to influence public confidence in the Judiciary?  How do people perceive our district magistrate courts and their judges in the rural communities? It is very important that, some research is done by the NCCE to ascertain some of these issues and to educate al sections of the populace about basic fundamental laws. Especially, when talking about crimes and the rights of alleged criminals.

Hon. Kojo Asemnyi therefore condemned the murder of Captain M.A. Mahama and urged the security to bring perpetrators of such unfair mob action to book.



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