Relay On Our Security Agencies – Cephas Arthur To Ghanaians


The PRO of the Ghana Police Service, supt. Cephas Arthur has advised the general public to alert security agencies if there is any riot in a society and not wait till the situation gets out of hand before reporting to the police.

According to Cephas, Ghanaians must take responsibilities to help the police in investigating or finding solutions to any issue which pops out and also bring perpetrators to book.

“The police and other security agencies need the help of civilians to minimize crime”

In an interview with Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan Bekoe on Homebase tv(eboboba); Cephas urged the various security agencies in Ghana to shun the habit of working hand in hand with people who deal in drugs and other related illegal activities to safe the name of the Police.

Even though some citizens may not have trust in the police and other security services; hence, take the law in own hands, the police PRO has advised that, a few corrupt police defame the entire police unit. Nevertheless, those who have the nation at heart are very proactive and sincere to their service.

“Civilians must never underestimate the abilities of the police unit” cephas warned

Source: Naa Ardua /






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