44 Rescued From Human Trafficking


The acting head (Public Affairs) of Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) Michael Amoako Atta reported that, 44 women have been rescued from human trafficking.

According to him, four (4) men behind this trafficking are in the Police custody for further investigation.

Speaking on an Accra based TV station Michael Amoako outlined that, traffickers normally use dubious means to cross borders.

“A week before the incident, I alerted some officers to be very awaken in their duty. Out of suspicion, the officers stopped two buses fully loaded with women who were about crossing the border”.

 Investigation revealed that, the men convinced the women into believing that, more jobs could be found in other countries.

Upon accepting the offer, the women were introduced to some middlemen. They provided some documents to enable them travel outside at ease.

In an interview with one of the ladies at the immigration office she said,

“I am the breadwinner of my family and I have no job here in Ghana. I prefer to travel outside the country to work and get money to help my family”.

The kind of jobs offered to some of these ladies is alarming.

“Many of such ladies have being forced into prostitution. And ends up having their nude videos streaming on social media 


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