We must fight against Terrorism – Hon. Dominic Nitiwul


The minister of defense Hon. Dominic Nitiwul has tasked Ghanaians to aid in the fight against terrorism.

Speaking in the parliament on the recent terrorist attacks across the world, the minister admonished every Ghanaian to part take in the fight against terrorism.

Reporting all suspicious movements and actions by any persons or group of persons to the appropriate agencies is the best way to shown concern as a citizen.

He explained that, though the security agencies in Ghana are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the safety of this country, the individual Ghanaian must help in fighting terrorism.

‘’Over the last few weeks, some of the actions we’ve seen in the country has shown that, we can be as viscous as any other group that we may want to talk about’’, he recalled.

He cautioned Ghanaians to be careful because the country is not as safe as it seems looking at the attacks on countries around us.

Hon. Nitiwul also tasked Ghanaians to preach peace and live peacefully with each other.

He also gave assurance that, in spite of everything the country is well prepared in terms of security should there be any such attack.





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