Kidnapper Has Accomplices In Ghana


The Public Communication Director of the Nigerian police, Chief Superintendent Jimoh Moshood has picked up intelligence indicating that the suspected Nigerian Billionaire kidnapper has accomplices in Ghana.

In an interview on an Accra based radio, The PRO told the host of the show that he can’t point out who exactly are the accomplices to the kidnapper. But there’s been complains from Ghana and other neighboring countries to Nigeria who have given them tip offs.


He said Chiwudubem Onwuamadike has a Ghanaian passport which also enables him to carry on his activities in Ghana.

The Inspector General of police in Nigeria, Ibrahim Kpotun revealed the arrest of Chiwudubem at West Africa National Security Conference.

The kidnapper was apprehended two weeks ago in his mansion in Nigeria .  He also outlined that, he have house and a family  in Ghana.

Speaking at a conference, the Nigerian police capo revealed that,  Chiwudubem Onwuamadike is an expensive kidnapper.

According to him, the suspect at one time demanded about 6 million dollars before releasing of his victims.

He uses kidnapping to scare Nigerian travelers and people from other neighboring countries across the continent.

He finally declared their collaboration with the Ghanaian police to investigate further in the issue.


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