Relay On Our Security Agencies – Cephas Arthur To Ghanaians


The PRO of the Ghana Police Service, supt. Cephas Arthur has advised the general public to alert security agencies if there is any riot in a society and not wait till the situation gets out of hand before reporting to the police.

According to Cephas, Ghanaians must take responsibilities to help the police in investigating or finding solutions to any issue which pops out and also bring perpetrators to book.

“The police and other security agencies need the help of civilians to minimize crime”

In an interview with Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan Bekoe on Homebase tv(eboboba); Cephas urged the various security agencies in Ghana to shun the habit of working hand in hand with people who deal in drugs and other related illegal activities to safe the name of the Police.

Even though some citizens may not have trust in the police and other security services; hence, take the law in own hands, the police PRO has advised that, a few corrupt police defame the entire police unit. Nevertheless, those who have the nation at heart are very proactive and sincere to their service.

“Civilians must never underestimate the abilities of the police unit” cephas warned

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Residents Of Denkyira-Obuasi: Keep Calm For Gaf And The Police To Do Their Work – Hon. Kojo Asemnyi

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The Member of Parliament for Gomoa East Hon. Kojo Asemnyi has called on parliament yesterday to urge all innocent residents in Denkyira – Obuasi to cooperate with the investigative authorities to identify the perpetrators of the lynched attack on Captain Maxwell Adams Mahama.


“Timely and accurate investigation, coherent and excellent prosecution and untainted punitive judgment would serve as a major deterrent to future attempts at mob justice” he outlined

According to the Honorable member, the Ghana Air Force (GAF), the police and the various security services should use their best tactics and lawful know-how to bring all perpetrators of the innocent Captain to book for their injustice mob action.


The Honorable member again outlined that, It is worth pausing for parliament to reflect on the performance of our law enforcement agencies; the police and other security agencies, the Attorney General’s Department and our courts.

The level of confidence in the police service in the fight against crime is very low. Their level of commitment to effectively address complaints from citizens leaves a lot to be desired. Hence, Ghanaians feel they must find someone senior to bring pressure to bear on the police to do their assigned job.

“In a place like Denkyira-Obuasi, I’m very sure that, the Central Regional Command has an operational plan there in fighting crime. If yes, they have woefully failed the nation by not protecting this young and vibrant Captain” he lamented.

With much respect to our court in handling criminal cases, Hon. Kojo Asemnyi expressed that, the court normally come under condemnation especially with regard to recent video expose’ by Journalist Anas Aremayaw Anas.

To what extend did the punitive actions against those culpable Judges able to influence public confidence in the Judiciary?  How do people perceive our district magistrate courts and their judges in the rural communities? It is very important that, some research is done by the NCCE to ascertain some of these issues and to educate al sections of the populace about basic fundamental laws. Especially, when talking about crimes and the rights of alleged criminals.

Hon. Kojo Asemnyi therefore condemned the murder of Captain M.A. Mahama and urged the security to bring perpetrators of such unfair mob action to book.



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The Deputy Executive Director of The National Service Scheme (NSS) Nana Boakye has revealed that, the percentage procured by the two main political parties in Ghana; NPP and NDC clearly indicates that, no independent candidate can win the seat of a President in Ghana. Undoubtedly, in the parliamentary contest, it happens.
According to him, the main political parties in Ghana are; NPP and NDC hence, it will be very difficult for an independent candidate to pop out of the blue to win the seat of a President in Ghana because, Ghanaians have a higher trust in these two political parties than any other.
Stating that, some independent politicians may be associated with a political party, perhaps as former members of it, or else have views that align with it, but choose not to stand in its name, or are unable to do so because the party in question has selected another candidate. Others may belong to or support a political party at the national level but believe they should not formally represent it (and thus be subject to its policies) at another level.
Recalling from the year 2000, these main political parties scored above 45% in every election subsequently. How then can an independent candidate win the seat of a President in Ghana? Nana ‘B’ questioned.
“In fact, if the percentage secured by these two main parties is taken into critical consideration, the other parties contesting for the seat of a President are wasting their time” he stated.
Speaking to Adom TV, Nana ‘B’ stated that, before an independent candidate takes the seat of a president in Ghana unless, Ghanaians are totally feed up with the two main political parties; of which he said, can never be possible.

In running for public office, independents sometimes choose to form a party or alliance with other independents, and may formally register their party or alliance. Even where the word “independent” is used, such alliances have much in common with a political party, especially if there is an organization which needs to approve the “independent” candidates.

‘Fabewoso’ demonstration prompts EOCO to investigate cases of embezzlement

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The Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO) for the sake of mother Ghana, has come out to say, it will investigate every case related to embezzlement and vanish of monies from the purse of Ghana; as the Host of Adom FM’s Morning Show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’, Captain Smart leads tens of tens of thousands of Ghanaians from Accra and beyond to present a petition to the Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO) today, calling for investigation and prosecution of persons named in various reports especially the Auditor General’s report.

The demonstration is organized by Adom FM, a leading media brand in Ghana’s multimedia Group, and it is targeted at knowing the where about of Ghana’s money and also to raise awareness on the high rate of corruption in the country especially among state actors. The theme of the demonstration is, “WE NEED OUR MONEY”

The demonstration was given a green light by the Greater Accra Regional Police Commander, ASP Afia Tengey who spoke on Adom FM’s Morning Show on Wednesday 24 MAY, 2017.

“We have received notifications from Multimedia Group and the organizers of the demonstration, they have satisfied all the requirements in the Public Order Act and hence, we would be there to provide security for the peaceful walk against corruption…,” she confirmed

An illegal act by an officeholder constitutes political corruption only if the act is directly related to their official duties, is done under color of law or involves trading in influence.

Despite Ghana’s good governance and democratic credentials, corruption still remains cancerous in the country.

Currently, Ghana can concretely say, corruption in the country is not just a mere perception but inherently pervasive as evidenced by the recent exposé of the Auditor General.

The economic loss suffered by Ghana because of corruption is enormous, and Ghanaians cannot develop as a nation if this current Government don’t work hand in hand with EOCO to find the where about of some monies.

Apart from the fact that, embezzlement retards economic growth, development and investments; it also creates an income inequality gap between the rich and the poor, which adversely set the poor to suffers

story by: Michael Yaw

shocking!! Dad tells daughter he’s ‘proud’ she became a porn star


It was only after Aurora Snow retired from porn that she was able to ask her dad how he really felt about her career choice.

When she finally did, she was blown away by his answer: “I was proud.”

Between 2000-2011, Snow was one of porn’s biggest celebrities, even earning a spot in the Adult Video News Hall of Fame earlier this year.

Since retiring, Snow has contributed regularly to the Daily Beast under her stage name, where she has interviewed many people about the porn biz.

She also has discussed how she will tell her children about her on-camera sex career.

But Snow avoided asking her own family the hard questions until recently, she writes in her latest column:

After nearly an hour on the phone, just as we were about to hang up, I mustered up the courage to ask, “Dad, how did you feel when you heard I was Aurora Snow?”


Then came an answer that blew me away: “I was proud.”

His reaction wasn’t always as generous. He admits to being initially angry when he first found out how she earned her money: when he heard her “making gagging noises” on “The Howard Stern Show.”

So she didn’t expect that answer.

Aurora: Were you shocked? I wasn’t exactly the type to end up in porn.

Dad: Yeah, I was shocked but I was proud. My daughter is Aurora Snow … when my friends found out they said, “Oh my god, that’s your daughter?!”

Aurora: And how did you handle that?

Dad: When they’d say, “How do you feel about your daughter being a porn queen?” I’d ask them how much money they’ve made having sex. None. They’d have to pay for it. So I’m like, “OK, you’d pay for it and my daughter makes hundreds of thousands of dollars having sex, so c’mon, if you could do that wouldn’t you?” That shuts ‘em up.

Aurora: So it wasn’t weird for you?

Dad: Not at all. I’m very proud of you.

Snow pressed her dad further on his reaction

He responded that he didn’t want to be a hypocrite.

“If I could’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars having sex I would’ve done it, too,” he said. “I’ve bragged about you. How many people can say they’ve done what you’ve done?

“I’m proud to call you my daughter. It’s your life and you can do whatever you want with it and if you’re making your own choices that makes me happy.”

Discussing the porn industry with family members is one of the most difficult tasks an adult performer faces, as the very NSFW video below explains.

In it, Leah Gotti explains that her dad cut her out of the family after he found out she did porn, while Mick Blue’s parents asked for a VHS video of one of his films because his relatives wanted to watch.

A letter to my sister: By you, a nation is risen


Tragically many think, women are weaker vessels. What they fail to appreciate is that, in the weaker vessels lies a powerful anointing that women can use to calm the strongest tsunami of men to a whisper by simply raising one finger.

Many a time, feminists especially from Africa fight tirelessly well for women to have their full autonomy on legal rights of contract, property rights, and voting rights and also for protection against domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, early marriage and other gender discrimination against women. They do this in their strength to empower women.

“LADIES! You are not a SEXUAL OBJECT! – Not a PUNCHING BAG; not a target for EMOTIONAL ABUSE! You worth more than that! You were created by God to be a Partner to MEN not a SLAVE, to provide Strength and support to them not to be used and manipulated by them, to submit to them not to become fools in that process. You have your Dignity and Self Worth. Never sacrifice those!”
― Bolanle John

Numerous feminist movements and ideologies have developed over the years, and represent different viewpoints and aims. The good news is, once you tap into your own powers to obliterate your fears, and gain the mental, toughness and strength of a true warrior, your life will transform and you will become a conqueror.

Feminist belief that, fear is one of the most elemental factors that can either make or break one’s own success. It can both stop you dead in your tracks and deprive you of your dream.

In lieu of that, women ought to fight for their right.
According to a feminist Afro pop Musician (Lily ‘m’) “warriors, kings and well renowned personalities were fed from the breast of a woman. Hence, through a woman a nation has risen.

Women must always stand solid as a rock which cannot be moved, to stand very positive and strong as a real lioness to stand against any mentality that; Women are of lesser importance in Africa and the world at large”.
The power of a woman over a man dates back to Biblical days. Adam was crushed by Eve. Sampson, who was very powerful, surrendered to Delilah. David felled a nine-foot Golliath yet fell under the spell of Ballishe.

Solomon, who ruled over the golden years of Israel, surrounded to women. Imagine a roll call of 700 wives and 300 concubines! This is to say that, when women realize the power and decides to use it wisely, they can own a man irrespective of whom or what he is.

Many women belief that, illusions are the most powerful weapons to track down a man therefore, in simple ways like; dressing to kill, walking provocatively, romantic acts and simple expressions to create illusions on a man’s mind to prove her importance.

Nevertheless, there is a one out of thousand who believes that, a woman has an equal importance as a man. With this ideology, women must not succumb to any gender discrimination of men.

According to Lundy Bancroft, “The scars from mental cruelty can be as deep and long-lasting as wounds from punches or slaps but are often not as
obvious. In fact, even among women who have experienced violence from a partner, half or more report that the man’s emotional abuse is what is causing them the greatest harm.”


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The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, has threatened to trumpet against some ministers who have been appointed and vetted into various ministerial positions to be withdrawn if they don’t perform the task ahead of them but try to follow the same roots of the NDC.

“No room for corruption and laziness in Akufo Addo led government” kennedy tells ministers.

According to him, the 110 Ministers including deputies appointed and vetted to govern this country was because, the NPP inherited a weaker economy. Hence, requires a competent army of people to help revive it. Nevertheless, if they fail in their duties, he (Kennedy Agyapong) will trumpet for most to be withdrawn.

President Akufo-Addo took into consideration the competence of all his appointed officials in putting together this government, he [President] has been guided by the competencies and experiences of the people and the legal requirements for making such appointments. With much regards to that, Kennedy said, anyone appointed and vetted to help govern this country must not disappoint H.E Akufo Addo and the NPP in general.

Speaking on Adom TV, Kennedy Agyapong, who is(was) been known for vilifying government officials for what he describes as engaging in corrupt deals, and using their positions to inflate figures for infrastructure projects, has therefore appealed to the leaders in various ministerial positions to think of building the weaker Ghana  inherited and not  their pockets.

“By that means alone can we (NPP) silence the NDC forever” Kennedy appealed.

He also threatened that he (kennedy Agyapong) will be a watch dog over every step each minister takes and if it is in the best of this nation, Hurray!!! But if not, he will surely speak against that act for culprits to be withdrawn because, there is no room for corruption under the Akufo Addo led Government.

Recalling back to 13th December 2016 when kennedy said, he will refrain from using abusive language when communicating on air. His belief is that, the NPP Government is competent and won’t give him any reason to be aggressive. Nevertheless, he won’t hesitate to call leaders to order when they go astray.